Our Mission

Hemet Hospice Volunteers, Inc is a community based non-profit organization providing resources for special needs of hospice patients, families and the bereaved with love and compassion at the end-of-life.


We are a non-profit agency providing the non-medical side of hospice care – the fundraising arm and supporter of agencies (specifically VNAcare in Murrieta) that provide the medical side of hospice care.

Who We Are

As an independent hospice support agency, we have been true to our founding mission and have supported thousands of families as they faced the end-of-life with bravery and compassion.


Bereavement Support for Children in Need
Charitable Care Program
Group & Individual Support

While our primary mission is to bring bereavement support groups to children and adults, we have broadened our mission and are work hard to support members of the community through charitable care donations.


   Layne Bartholomew, Chairman of the Board

   Paula Natale RN, BSN, Executive Director


Hemet Hospice was founded in 1979 by a group of caring community leaders motivated by a common concern for terminally ill patients and their families.  Their focus was on providing hospice patients with the emotional and spiritual support needed during their illness.

While Hemet Hospice has seen many changes since 1979, we still remain the same caring and compassionate organization who strives to assure that our programs meet and exceed the community’s highest expectations.

Our Board of Directors, comprised of leaders and representatives who volunteer their time and expertise to our organization.

We are the organizers of many fundraising events held within the community we serve throughout the year. We diligently serve in this capacity so we can continue to provide the financial and personal support needed by our community’s hospice families.

We teach support, care for and educate our community – a growing community with ever changing needs. It is through our fundraising programs, Labor of Love projects monies received from donations bequests and wills that we are able consistently meet the ever-growing needs of hospice patients, their families and our community.

Our community has been generous to us for over 43 years – it is our pledge that we will continue to serve our community and those who have entrusted their donations to us.