Walking out with patientSometimes an illness or injury results in a temporary period of being homebound. The goal of home health care is to treat a patient’s illness or injury at home. Home healthcare helps the patient get better, regain independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible. Through a physician’s order, Rim of the World Home Health works closely with patients to meet care needs and assist in a speedy recovery.

Once your doctor refers them for home health services, Rim of the World Home Health will schedule an appointment to come to your home and discuss the your needs. We will ask questions about your health and talk with your physician about the care you need. We will continue to be in contact with your physician about the care we are providing and keep them updated on your progress.

Home Health Care includes a wide range of services, including:

  • Registered Nurses provide skilled assessments, disease education and hands-on care.
  • Therapists provide skilled care that allows patients to achieve their highest level of physical function.
  • Social workers assist with community resources and provide emotional support.
  • Home health aides assist with personal care.

Need More Information?

Phone: 909-336-7781

If you are concerned about a family member, having health issues yourself, or even if you have a friend or a neighbor who needs help, we can send someone out to evaluate if Home Health services could be appropriate.